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Guild Rules
« on: March 24, 2015, 06:42:05 PM »
Welcome to the Brothers of Aesir guild! If you haven't already you should totally post an introduction (hint, hint) ;).

We do have a few rules that you should keep in mind while playing GW2, don't worry they're simple :) .

You are expected to follow the terms of service you agreed to when you created an account for GW2, abuse such as buying from gold sellers will result in an immediate kick from the guild.

This is a social, community focused guild and as such you are expected to not be a dick. simply put: you should be willing to help other guildies and even on occasion those outside the guild who ask  for it and you must certainly not abuse other players, guildies or not.

Not so much a rule but a thing: you will get out of the guild what you put in. If you are silient and don't join in on guild chat or on TS, if you don't join in on guild activities or invite people join in on things you are doing then don't expect much.

If you are going to be AFK for a while then let us know on the forums. If you are gone for more than 21 days without letting us know then expect a kick. However when we do kick we will send an e-mail that will allow you to get back in contact with us incase you would like to rejoin when you start playing the game again.