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Guild Ranks
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Here is a quick reference of what the ranks are that you see in game.

Leader: An active member of the group of friends that created this guild
Captain: A trusted member who is in charge of a certain aspect (e.g. guild missions)
Sergeant: A trusted member who can invite new members and will assist officers in their duty. This is where Officers are promoted from or go to if they step down/ become somewhat inactive.
Veteran: An ex-Leader/Founder or Captain that no longer holds their rank but remains trusted enough to be able to invite others to the guild. Beyond that they are the same as a member.
Member: A regular member of the guild
Trial Member: A new member of the guild that has experience no more than either one week or two weeks in the guild. This gives everyone a nice period of time to determine if the guild is what the person is looking for.
Friend: A long time member of the guild (>1 year) who has since left the guild but we want to maintain links with. Alt Accounts also go into this rank.
Inactive: Someone who has given a valid reason for long term inactivity or is inactive in game while still active with the guild outside of the game.

Please note that while those in the Sergeant ranks and higher will ensure rules are followed, they are not otherwise above you and can be disagreed with or reported for violation of rules. Overall, the titles of Veteran, Sergeant, Captain and leader are names and that's it. They are not titles to be lusted after and they do not make your opinion more important than anyone else's.